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Hey, I'm John

I craft compelling products and memorable experiences for people across several mediums.

UX Design

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I believe good designs begin with good research. Finding compelling solutions for users can’t be done without first getting to know them through surveys, testing, and interviews.

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Leveraging the UX intensive I completed, as well as my years of designing in other mediums, I have experience working through all aspects of the design process, as well as some experience developing designs in HTML and CSS.

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Prioritizing organized documentation allows me to translate my design process into comprehensive case studies for retrospectives and future client samples.

Graphic Design

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My history as a graphic designer has centered around using analog collage to craft unique and compelling covers primarily for those in the music industry.

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Using found images, I work closely with my stakeholders to faithfully translate their work into visual representations and enhance their brand.

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By offering multiple design options and iterating on success, I ensure 100% buy-in from clients.

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John Moriarty

A drive to create has led me to a life of art and design, first in graphic design, then as a professional jeweler. After discovering and being gripped by UX, I completed a 14 month UX apprenticeship that provided the tools to translate my existing skills into useful design solutions. Though interested in the research side of UX, I strive to remain an efficient generalist, with abilities ranging from conception and design, to prototyping and testing.